To safeguard the quality, the company has set up constant control of the materials as well as the individual works. This is achieved in cooperation with international organizations of cloth and material control and with the operation of an organized laboratory of quality control inside the company as well as with the existence of specialized staff in every stage of production (knitting, coloring, sewing and packaging). In addition, the suppliers provide their products with analytical reports of quality standards, which comply with the quality demands of the clients.

Balkantex Ltd

Vat Number: 819407765
Phone: +359 73 831882
Fax: +359 73 833083
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Address: 77 Al. Stamboliiski Street
2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

About Us

BALKANTEX L.T.D was founded in 1995 in privately owned unit of 6500 sq. meters in Blagoevgrad of Bulgaria, a modern production unit where the clothing manufacture takes place.
In Balkantex operate the process of pattern making, the cutting, sewing, the ironing rooms, the control and packaging of orders.