Stages (Each manufacturing stage is handled in line with the strict quality principles of Sea Shell)

In line with the first sketches and patterns that the customer delivers, the team starts working on samples. After our technical team checks these samples, first samples are sent to the customer. For our customers, who don’t have their own pattern systems, we prepare serial patterns in our workshop with Investronica PGS system.

Following the sample stage, the goods are manufactured under the supervision of our technical team in line with the approved samples, and they are sent to the customer for sales.

All the orders supplied by our manufacturer partners are under our guarantee. And all of these orders are checked regularly by our customer representative and quality assurance team according to AQL 4 system until they are loaded to be transferred to the warehouse. Before starting the production following the approval of size set, one pre-production sample is sent and production begins after the customer approves this sample. And before the shipment, an original sample is sent the customer to take the final approval.

The products that are sent to the warehouse are being subject to a final control before being shipped to the customer. The products can only be shipped after taking the approval of our responsible personnel.

Balkantex Ltd

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Address: 77 Al. Stamboliiski Street
2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

About Us

BALKANTEX L.T.D was founded in 1995 in privately owned unit of 6500 sq. meters in Blagoevgrad of Bulgaria, a modern production unit where the clothing manufacture takes place.
In Balkantex operate the process of pattern making, the cutting, sewing, the ironing rooms, the control and packaging of orders.